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One Tribe Designs

Ring Toss

Ring Toss

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Hand Crafted

Every wood piece is carefully crafted by hand and completely unique. Each side has its own color twine.

Measurements: 15.5”x13.5”x3.75”

Ring size: 1”


  • FUN FOR ALL AGES: The fast-paced, interactive game that takes the traditional ring toss and puts you toe-to-toe with another player to be the first to land the ring. Bring it with you to your tailgates, the beach, family vacations, camping, or even the neighbor's garage party to enjoy!
  • NATURAL WOOD: Every wood piece is carefully crafted and completely unique. The knots, grooves and indents of the wood are what gives our product the unique look. Freshly sanded to display the natural design of the wood. Great for either indoor or outdoor playing. You can set up in the garage, game room, family rooms, porch area, patios, backyards, and other indoor or outdoor spaces. 
  • HOW TO PLAY: Place wooden game piece or a shot glass for the adult version in the center circle, Take rings and go! Each time you land the hook, move the wooden piece 1 space towards your opponent. Player wins when the wooden piece moves off the end of the ladder. Play every game Style by agreeing on a wager with your competitor before the game. Adult version take a shot!
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